Licensing Explained

Relyze is licensed not sold. In order to use Relyze you must first purchase a license which suits your requirements. A trial version of Relyze is available in order to evaluate the product before purchasing a license. The trial version has some limitations such as not being able to save your work and is limited to thirty minutes of use. Product updates are provided on a subscription basis with new licenses including a 12 month subscription. All purchased licenses are perpetual, meaning they do not expire even if your update subscription does expire.

After you have purchased a license, you will be emailed a unique activation code. This code is used to activate the license on the machine where Relyze is installed. License activation can be done via either the GUI or command line. License activation involves the Relyze application contacting our license server over the internet in order to verify the activation code and generate the corresponding license file. Once a copy of Relyze has had a license activated the license server will not be contacted again as the license file is stored on the machine where Relyze is installed.

Licenses are available for combinations of the following requirements.


Licenses are available for either commercial or non commercial usage of the product.

User Type

A license can be for either a single named user (User Locked), for a single system which may have many users using Relyze but only one at a time (System Locked) or for a server which may incorporate Relyze into a back-end service that may have many users accessing it concurrently (Server Locked).


New licenses include a 12 month update subscription for product updates, allowing you to receive and use product updates, including any major version updates available at the time, over a 12 month period beginning from the time you originally purchased the license. After the 12 month update period expires you will not be eligible to either receive or use product updates without first purchasing a license upgrade to renew your update subscription. As all licenses are perpetual, you will still be able to use the last product version available at the time your update subscription expired.

Concurrent Installs

A license may be activated on one or more machines at any given time, allowing you to run a licensed copy of Relyze on several of your machines such as your laptop, your work workstation or a client system. The number of concurrent installs allowed is fixed and determined when you purchase a license. If you no longer need to use Relyze on a particular machine, you may deactivate the license on that machine in order to allow you to activate the license on another machine at a later stage.