Activate a new License via the GUI

After you have purchased a license, you will be emailed a unique activation code. This code is used to activate the license on the machine where Relyze Desktop is installed. License activation involves the Relyze Desktop application contacting our license server over the internet in order to verify the activation code and generate the corresponding license file. Once a copy of Relyze Desktop has had a license activated the license server will not be contacted again as the license file is stored on the machine where Relyze Desktop is installed.

To activate your license, start the application and you will be presented with a “License Application” dialog instruction you to enter you new unique activation code.

alt text

Enter your unique activation code and click the “Activate” button. Relyze Desktop will contact our online license server to verify your activation code and generate your license. If successful your new license will be saved and your copy of Relyze Desktop will now be fully licensed.

You can check the status of your license in the applications About dialog as seen below.

alt text