Renew Existing License

Existing customers whose update subscription has expired may purchase a new license with a renewed update subscription here. Please enter either the "License ID", "Activation Code" or "Transaction ID" from your current license in order to receive a purchase link which will allow you to buy a renewed license at a discounted price. All purchases are made through our secure reseller 2Checkout. For custom or bulk licensing solutions please contact with your requirements in order to receive a quote. Prices are quoted in Euro and may be subject to EU VAT where applicable.

Current License


When can I renew a license?

Only existing customers with a valid license whose update subscription has expired may renew their license. If your update subscription has not yet expired, you cannot renew your license until such time as the update subscription expires.

How much does a renewed license cost?

The cost for an existing customer to renew a license in order to receive a further 12 month subscription for product updates is 65% of the equivalent new license cost.

Where do I find my existing License ID?

Your existing License ID can be seen in the products "About" dialog. Clicking on the License ID will copy it to your clipboard so you may paste it into the above form.

How do I activate the renewed license?

When you purchase a renewed license, you will receive by email a new license activation code. You must then deactivate your existing license in order to activate the new license.