We offer professional software research and development solutions; expanding your engineering capabilities and giving you greater insights on how your software works in order to identify defects, compliance, security, interoperability and performance issues.


  • Stephen Fewer

    Stephen Fewer Director linkedin

  • Stephen founded Relyze Software Limited in 2015 to bring to market new software analysis solutions. Prior to this, Stephen has worked as an independent security consultant specializing in zero day vulnerability discovery and exploitation, working with clients around the world to help them identify critical vulnerabilities in their emerging technologies, an anti-malware engineer for a leading global anti-virus company, a developer for an enterprise level performance engineering company, a core developer for the Metasploit Framework circa 2009 - 2013, awarded 30th in the Microsoft Security Response Centre (MSRC) Top 100 researchers for 2015, and a successful contestant at the 2011 and 2021 international Pwn2Own hacking competition.



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