Relyze Desktop

Relyze Desktop is licensed not sold and is available in two editions, either Standard or Professional. Relyze Desktop Standard is available for free for non-commercial usage. For commercial usage a license for Relyze Desktop Professional must be purchased. All purchases are made through our secure reseller 2Checkout. For custom or bulk licensing solutions contact with your requirements to receive a quote. Prices are quoted in Euro and may be subject to European Union VAT where applicable.

  • License Duration
  • License Type
  • Product Updates
  • x86 Analysis
  • x64 Analysis
  • ARM32 Analysis
  • ARM64 Analysis
  • Decompiler
  • Multi Threaded Analysis
  • Static Library Analysis
  • Plugin Development
  • Binary Diffing
  • Batch Analysis
  • Command Line Usage
  • Technical Support
  • Commercial Usage



  • License Duration: Perpetual
  • License Type: Named User
  • Product Updates: 12 Months
  • x86 Analysis:
  • x64 Analysis:
  • ARM32 Analysis:
  • ARM64 Analysis:
  • Decompiler:
  • Multi Threaded Analysis:
  • Static Library Analysis:
  • Plugin Development:
  • Binary Diffing:
  • Batch Analysis:
  • Command Line Usage:
  • Technical Support:
  • Commercial Usage:

Relyze Desktop Professional

License: €399 + VAT

User Locked, 12 Month Updates, Commercial Usage. 1 Named User with 3 Concurrent Installs, Standard Support.

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Is a trial version available?

You can contact to request a 30 day trial license for Relyze Desktop Professional. Alternatively you can download the latest version of Relyze Desktop Standard here in order to evaluate the majority of product features before you purchase a license for Relyze Desktop Professional.

What types of license are available?

A license can be for a single named user (User Locked), a single system which may have many users using Relyze Desktop but only one user at a time (System Locked) or an unlimited number of users at an organization (Site Locked). For more information please read the Licensing Explained article.

Are product updates included?

New licenses include a 12 month subscription for product updates, allowing you to receive and use product updates, including any major version updates available at the time, over a 12 month period beginning from the time you originally purchased the license. After the 12 month update period expires you will not be eligible to either receive or use product updates without first purchasing a renewed license in order to receive a further 12 month subscription for product updates. As all licenses are perpetual, you will still be able to use the last product version available at the time your update subscription expired.

How much does a renewed license cost?

Existing customers of a user or system locked license receive a discount of 35% when renewing a license that has expired. Site locked license customers must contact sales to discuss renewal options.

How do I renew an existing license?

You may renew an existing user or system locked license by either visiting this page or contacting .

What are concurrent installs?

A named user (User Locked) license may be activated on one or more machines at any given time, allowing you to run a licensed copy of Relyze Desktop on several of your machines such as your laptop, your workstation or a client system. The number of concurrent installs allowed is fixed and determined when you purchase a license. If you no longer need to use Relyze Desktop on a particular machine, you may deactivate the license on that machine in order to allow you to activate the license on another machine at a later stage.

What payment methods are accepted?

Payment can be made via credit card, such as Visa and MasterCard, PayPal or by wire transfer. For alternative payment methods, please contact with your requirements.

Do I have to pay VAT?

Only European Union customers who do not provide a valid VAT ID at the time of purchase must pay VAT.

Is a price sheet available?

A price sheet for all available SKU's is available here (PDF). Please contact for a quote.